Abstractions and Retrocasualties

by The Vinny Golia Sextet

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"The West Coast is an amazing place to live; it afforded the luxury of experimentation. Our West Coast players rival any of the players throughout the world for their imagination, dexterity, reading abilities and commitment. This ensemble has been together for many years in various forms since its first incarnations as 'Jazz for Model's,' an ensemble never recorded, but the seeds were sown, germinating and transitioning to give rise to this CD. A quintet version of this group recorded in 2008 and was released as a download only project on the new defunct Redline Park label. An earlier version of music for sextet was made available for free at vinnygolia.com, and now we have this full document of a well seasoned working group.

"Common threads from previous sextet projects are the superb alto saxophonist, Gavin Templeton, guitarist Alex Noice and Andrew Lessman on drums, trumpet player Dan Rosenboom was added to expand the quintet and Jon Armstrong, a tenor saxophonist following in the footsteps of Andrew While and Wilton Felder was the last piece of the puzzle on electric bass. All of these fantastic musicians are the product of California Institute of the Arts where I first met them."

-Vinny Golia
Los Angeles, June 2011


released November 14, 2011

Vinny Golia: Sopranino, Baritone & Contrabass Saxophones (Tubax Version), Contra Alto Clarinet, Bawu, Daegeum, and Hichiriki*

Dan Rosenboom: Piccolo, Bb Trumpet, and Flugelhorn

Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone

Alex Noice: Electric Guitar

Jon Armstrong: Electric Bass

Andrew Lessman: Drums

* A Bawu is a Chinese free reed instrument. The Daedeum is a large Korean bamboo flute with a membrane. The Hichiriki is a Japanese double reed.Vinny Golia uses Forestone reeds and a Thew Wanne mouthpiece on his baritone saxophone.

Recorded July 5, 2011
Westlake Recording Studios
Los Angeles, California
John Baffa - Recording Engineer
Steve Rusch - 2nd Engineer
Mark Richards - Assistant

Mixed by John Baffa and Vinny Golia at TV Tray Studio in Simi Valley, California

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